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for the wildly in love

We watched it multiple times and LOVE it. It is so us, and brought back the best memories from our day. Honestly, we are so impressed and so happy with it all. We can not thank you enough!!

Thank you both so much for really capturing our day in a way that is so true to us.

- Becca + Brody, 2022

bride and groom smiling and laughing


All our films are captured by

Kate + Steve (more on them below),

using high-end 4K cameras. We also do all our editing in-house, ensuring our consistent, story-driven quality and creative flare. To top it off, we professionally color-grade each clip, giving our films a uniformly polished look, enhancing the tone and over all vibe of the day.


We are Kate + Steve, a husband and wife team with over 8 years of experience filming weddings. We absolutely love documenting big moments, and it brings us so much joy doing it for others. There's just something so impactful about reliving special moments through video. Our approach is to capture things as they are with minimal direction, so you can feel comfortable and have fun on your special day. Don't worry, though, if you're a couple who has a few ideas up there sleeves, we're down for getting extra creative!

husband and wife wedding videographers


"A wedding, I love weddings. Drinks all around!"

-Jack Sparrow

As wedding videographers, we have the privilege of witnessing some of the most personal, beautiful, and intimate moments in people's lives. We love capturing the raw emotions, the unplanned moments, and the inside jokes. We live for the stories told in speeches and vows, the jokes grandpa cracks, and the pouty flower girl or ring bearer. 

Having had a wedding ourselves, we know how important it is to preserve all these moments to look back on and to pass down to future generations. It also goes by so fast, you hardly have a chance to take it all in! And that's why we do it. We believe every couple deserves not just footage of the day, but an artfully crafted story-driven short film of one the the biggest moments in their lives. 


"Nobody puts baby in the corner!"

-Johnny Castle

We're not here to tell you what to do or how to act. We're here to embrace who you are! As your videographers, we're interested in capturing what makes you YOU. That's what makes a great wedding film. Let's leave the cookie cutters for... well, cookies... and make something that is completely and uniquely yours. So, go on, have the time of your life. Go chasing waterfalls. Walk on the wild side. And definitely don't be afraid to do a little dirty dancing.

Let's get up to some...

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